Saturday, April 13, 2013

Second Living: 10. Staying Clean

Second Living
Home Decor in Second Life
10. Staying Clean
Apr 14th 2013, 00:32






Our bathroom:

  • Trash Can: MudHoney
  • Sink: MudHoney
  • Drawers: Vespertine (MODIFIED)
  • Toothpaste and Brushes Cup: MudHoney
  • Bathroom Mirrors: The Loft
  • Plant: Artilleri (MODIFIED)
  • Tub: The Loft
  • Tub Shelf: Mudhoney
  • Bath Products: Mudhoney, Theosophy
  • Rug: Mudhoney
  • Slippers: Mudhoney
  • Bath Toys: Mudhoney, Spronkwings
  • Bath Sign/Hooks: Lisp
  • Hippo Sign: The Loft
  • Chandelier: The Loft
  • Screen: The Loft
  • Curtains: Lisp
  • Blinds: Lisp
  • Shelf: Cheeky Pea
  • Towels: Mudhoney
  • Toilet Paper: Dutchie
  • Washclothes: Turnip’s
  • Bathroom Products: marketplace
  • Toilet: The Loft
  • Diffuser Tray: The Loft
  • Toilet Paper: The Loft
  • Key Hooks: Second Spaces
  • Newspaper Rack: Bazar
  • Vanity: Mudhoney
  • Bench: The Loft
  • Makeup/Hairbrush: Mudhoney
  • Hairdryer: Emily Hearts
  • Dream/Letters: Vespertine
  • Scale: Mudhoney

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