Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SL House and Decorating Addict: Trompe Loeil Foxtail Lodge

SL House and Decorating Addict
thumbnail Trompe Loeil Foxtail Lodge
Jan 22nd 2013, 18:31

Trompe Loeil recently released this Lodge for an event.  I LOVE it.  Full mesh, 2 bedrooms, full attic, 4 large living spaces.  It comes with 2 versions, with and without the detailed mesh roof.  Using the version with the lower land impact roof lowers your count by about 65.  I used that version and stretched the house a tad because I have this thing about doorways.  But that's a personal preference and we won't go into it.  Here's the pictures!

Screen behind piano: Alchemy Immortalis
Piano: LISP
Coffee Table: Interior Addiction
Smoking plank and booze: Alchemy Immortalis
Tea lights: POST
Chair on right: Spargel and Shine
Side table: Trompe Loeil
Lamp: POST
Mannequin with flowers:  Urbanized
Newspaper holder: Cleo Designs
Sectional sofa: Bazar
Rug: Alchemy Immortalis, most of the art: noctis, wreathe on mantle: Alchemy Immortalis.

Bookcase: Abiss
Bookcase on right: Alchemy Immortalis
Most of the art: Weekend Salvage
Original art on floor: Talullah Winterwolf
Radio on the left: Me from an exchange kit, IM me if you want a mod/transfer copy for your land.

Chair on left: Dutchie, Chair on right: Spargel and Shine, Table: Culprit, Candles: La Galleria, Books: Noctis

Sofa: Tartessos Arts, Kyoto Daybed: POST, Side table with wine and lamp: Interior Addiction, Pallet coffeetable:  Barnesworth Anubis, Platter of Absinthe: CAS, Rug:  LISP, Curtains: Noctis, Record Player: LISP, Box of Vinyl: Tartessos Arts, Credenza: Kayo

Dining table, chairs, hutch, dishes: Cleo Design
Rug:  LISP
Absinthe art:  Black Karbon
Poppy girl art:  Cadeling Art Gallery
Poppy art:  Chic Prims

Art: Talullah Winterwolf
Planter heads: Nylon Outfitters for one of the Arcade Gatcha events, sorry I don't know if they sell them in their store.
Table:  Zigana
Dismembered clown head:  Noctis (to serve as a warning to the other clowns that try to come steal my Nutella!)

Kitchen: MMG's, Stools:  Y's House, Stuffed critters: HPMD gatcha, Toaster: Artilleri, Wall plates: Noctis, Fridge: Noctis.  The other stuff comes from all over, feel free to visit and right click away.  Say hi, it's my home!

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